Looking for a London business networking group that actually delivers revenue for your business?

Pam Vick

Pam hits the ground running. Her exceptional understanding of how businesses work, especially internationally, mean that having her work with you is like the "power of ten". We asked her to help us on insight and planning for a global brand. In half a day she absorbed all the material, priorised the learning, come out with core ideas - and was already writing the presentation! She is exceptionally fast and experienced.

- Ailean Mills, Upstream

Pam Vick

Pam has great organisational ability, experience, is very can-do, is calm under pressure and has the knack of making the consistently right choice.

- Trevor Mill Graphic Designer Ltd


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London Business Networking That Delivers Results

Kensington W8's leading business network

Delivering Revenues

Over £250,000 in referred revenues to each other in the last 12 months; both ad hoc projects and retained fee income.

Offering Business Support 

Got a tricky business issue? Want some general advice and support? Our monthly business clinic makes sure you get the support you need, benefiting from the extensive experience of the whole group.

Sharing Business Networks, Door-Opening

This is a very well connected group of serious business professionals running successful companies. Mostly ex-corporate, we have an extremely strong network of contacts to open doors for like-minded business owners.

We're always looking for new members!

Have a look through the list below and see if you might fit. Don't worry if you can't find yourself on the list - this is just a few from our full list of vacancies. Even if you're not on the list, you're still more than welcome to give us a try!